Part 1

2 Pens, 3 hours (3.6 G) MP4


Part 3 

2 Pens, 2.4 hours  MP4 (1.64 G) 

$10.00 plus tax.  

Pay with PayPal, I will e-mail the video to you as soon as I get confirmation as I check my e-mail.  Sorry for the inconvenience, still working on a better way to auto upload after the purchase.  

These are long videos, complete step by step process, basic tools and two jigs used to make all these pens, if you don't like woodworking do something else, over 7 hours (Part 1,2,3) of your live you won't get back, no fancy graphics or music, just wood and tools. 

Part 2

3 Pens, 2.4 hours  MP4 (3.10 G) 


Segmented Pen Video 

How to make a segmented pen video for download, Part 1 (2 pens), Part 2 (3 pens), Part 3 (2 pens) $25.00 plux tax