Custom Original Designs, Hand Turned

All my turning is done in my home garage shop by me, Gabriel Castro

Exotic wood

Great Prices, A blend of form and function exotic woods from around the world from the present to the past.


Exotic Woods

Bacote, Cocobolo, Lacewood, Purpleheart, Curley Maple, Olive, Zebra, Zircote, Ebony, Tulip, and Wine barrel Oak


Ancient Kauri Wood

30,000 to 50,000 years old

Unearthed in New Zeland

Kauri Wood only shown on Rollerball, and Cigar Pen.

Each pen comes with Certificate of Authenticity.





Historic Woods

Bethlehem Olive Wood

From Trees up to 2000 years old.



Select Wood

Mixed woods avalible on Sierra and Cigar pens

How to Order

Choose style and finish

Chrome, Gold, Titanium

Each Handcrafted Pen

Includes one Refill

Each Pen can be made as close as possible to what is seen in photos

Each pen wood might have slight varyations in wood color and grain.

I hand select all the wood I use for the best grain and color that closly matches the photos.

Gift Ideas

Promotion, Graduation, Birthday, Retirement, Christmas, Thank You.

Be Different give a gift thats more personal than a gift card, and will be appreciated and admired by them.

Steampunk Pen

Using Broken Heirloom  or Vintage Watches for Steampunk Pens, all Steampunk pens are unique one of a kind creations.

Bring those broken heirloom watches out of the closet and transform them into writing works of art with a close family history.  Cast into Acyrlic resin hand turned and wet sanded using Micro Mesh from 1500 to 12000 grit. Choose a favorite color background to further customise the look you want, also add your own charms for that one of a kind special look.

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